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    Risk professionals at all levels and responsibilities in the United States experienced an average 12.6% base salary increase in 2021 compared to 2019, while Canadian practitioners experienced an average 15.9% increase in the same period, according to ... read more
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    Courage was on full display over the past couple of years.  From healthcare professionals risking their lives for others, to frontline workers showing up to ensure our communities had access to the goods and services they needed and business leaders who ... read more

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    How do you allocate your Cyber insurance premium? We are a multi-national holding corp with numerous locations. We have historically allocated to sites based headcount and weight it for certain locations. Curious what others are doing. ------------------------------ ...

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    Additionally Redhand Advisors does an survey every year with insurance carriers, TPAS and self insured entities and rates all of the different platforms out there.  I would check out that survey as well. ------------------------------ Jennifer Simmons ...

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    We've been using Origami for several years now and find that the capabilities and customer service are second to none.  We've had them build in custom capabilities for us, as well. Our implementation was very smooth, we consistently experience excellent ...

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    Good afternoon colleagues!   Rice University is hiring in the Office of Risk Management!  We are looking for a Risk Management & Insurance Specialist II to join our team. The successful candidate has the ability to develop programs, streamline work processes ...

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    AON used to produce a geo-political risk map annually.  I have not seen one recently though.   The latest Risk Management Magazine from RIMS had a report that listed the top 10 and worst 10 countries around cyber attacks. ------------------------------ ...